This summer, HTS has had the distinct pleasure of having our intern, Jaden Ta, come onsite to support the first Day in the Life event for the Hubbard Center for Children in Omaha. We are thrilled to have her share her experience and lessons learned.

This past July, I had the privilege of attending HTS’s Day in the Life event at the Children’s Hospital & Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska. This event gave me the incredible opportunity to work alongside a team of highly skilled nurses and project coordinators. These professionals perfectly exemplified how to operate a workplace in an organized, enthusiastic, and supportive manner. I was also able to learn more about their careers and why they loved working for HTS. As I toured the new hospital floors, I quickly learned the ins and outs of medical terminology and the current technology hospitals utilize today. It was an honor experiencing the Day in the Life scenarios firsthand because it not only tested the current capabilities of the new facility but also challenged employees to identify ways to further improve the efficiency of the building. My experiences from the Day in the Life taught me the importance of using teamwork when project planning to achieve optimal results in a timely manner. I gained invaluable insight into how the responses gathered during the scenarios were relayed back to the project managers, who then ensured every concern was addressed and resolved. These real-life scenarios gave me an inside look at how every aspect, from the medical personnel to the facility’s functionality, must work in unison to provide the most effective care. Through this experience, I gained a deeper appreciation for the medical field and the hard-working individuals who put their lives at risk daily to save lives.