Congratulations to Kaiser Permanente Downey Hospital Expansion Team on completing your project!

The project features a new six-story, 72-bed hospital tower addition, a central utility plant, and a six-story parking structure.

This project utilized our @FreightTrain Inspection Request Module (IRM) to track inspections. The IRM was used by the owner, subcontractors, general contractor, and inspectors. One feature of the IRM implemented in the project was the Location Reference Drawing (LRD) to track in-wall inspections. Subcontractors would mark up a PDF drawing of the wall to be inspected; the general contractor would then verify the work before the inspection was performed. Once a level was completed, the users were able to create a roll-up LRD that would allow them to see all the markups and the status of each wall.

One of the Inspector of Record (IOR) on the project mentioned how helpful FreightTrain was to him:
“As an IOR, FreightTrain facilitated the tracking of work that was completed. It [IRM] was easy to filter for any inspection requests in failed or pending status. Also, pulling reports for subcontractors’ performance was very helpful.”