This month we had the pleasure of joining graduate students in UCLA’s Healthy Policy & Management Department as part of their “Conversation with…” series. At HTS, we value opportunities to give back to our communities in many ways including educating and mentoring students. It was a fun and engaging session and we’re thrilled that the students found it helpful and informative!

In the words of Dr. Erskine, Director of the MPH program at UCLA: “ When I first heard about HTS I thought, I never knew such a thing existed, but of course it makes total sense. It’s really such a good use of consultants because it’s such a niche skill and it happens so infrequently that it’s unlikely that you’re going to develop this kind of expertise in house. It’s really valuable to be able to bring in a group like HTS to bring their years of experience doing the one thing you need desperate help with.”

Thank you to all who joined and we look forward to continuing to support in every way we can!