Each year, HTS comes up with a theme that serves as inspiration for our work. Building off our momentum in 2019, our 2020 theme was to be ‘Even Better.’

Just as the rest of the world, we did not have the foresight to see the challenges and opportunities that would lie ahead of us in 2020; however, we were reminded throughout the year of the power and magnitude of collective effort and a positive mindset.

HTS had the opportunity of bringing both arms of the company together, Transition Planning and Building Load & Logistics, to support our NYP clients at their Cohen and Brooklyn Methodist Hospital campuses. Seeing the synergy between groups and the resulting efficiencies, our view that we are better together as been reinforced.

As 2021 kicks off and projects move full steam ahead, we enter the New Year inspired by the innovation, creativity, and pure dedication which we have witnessed over the past year. We have seen the impossible become possible — this is why 2021’s theme is:

‘The Best is Yet to Come’

We are so very excited for 2021 and cannot wait to begin work on all that is in store. Here is to a safe and healthy year!