It is hard to believe we have reached the end of 2020 and will soon enter the new year. While this year has presented many challenges, we still find reasons to celebrate. This December, we get to celebrate the work anniversaries of our Vice President, Hilda Nering, one of our fantastic clinical Project Manager’s, Tammie Russell, and our Travel Coordinator & Office Support guru, Caitlin Jaksha.

Hilda Nering started with HTS 16 years ago as an RN Project Manager and has advanced into the Vice President role. “The professional development and wealth of knowledge gained has been immense; I even managed the software development side of HTS, FreightTrain. The sky is the limit and that is why I enjoy working at HTS. It is never boring, that’s for sure!”
Hilda loves what she does and feels blessed to work at HTS, alongside a brilliant team. Hilda shares, “It is such a wonderful experience when we partner with amazing nurses, doctors, ancillary, and support staff to bring their new hospital or outpatient building to life! I thrive in a team environment and that is how healthcare is delivered.” Her passion for HTS is a huge part of why she is such a successful leader for the team.

Tammie Russell started as a specialist with HTS 2 years ago, supporting our Day in the Life and Move events. She is now full-time with HTS as a Clinical Project Manager. As an RN, Tammie brings her comprehensive nursing and clinical background to the operations, transition, and activation aspects of our projects.
What Tammie loves about HTS is the teamwork. “Our team is amazing! We utilize each other’s individual strengths to build our unique teams. We love brainstorming, thinking outside the box, and bringing new ideas to our project. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities, which keeps us on our toes.”

Caitlin Jaksha has been with HTS for 2 years as well. Her official title is Travel Coordinator and Office/Project Support. She is the go-to for all your travel and support needs. “From booking flights, hotel rooms, and rental cars, to editing documents and proposals, to supporting Day in the Life and Move events, to creating and sharing our social media posts, I have been able to expand my skillset and learn the HTS process through being so hands on. I am here to help and support in whatever HTS needs.”
Caitlin loves the people she gets to work with, both virtually and in person. “The team that makes up HTS is passionate, dedicated, and full of humor and joy. Every time I get to work with the team, I learn something new and my way of thinking is challenged, which helps me become a better coworker and human.”

Since Hilda has such a tenure with HTS, she has been able to experience countless memories with the team. Hilda quips, “ There are so many favorite memories! Our HTS team works hard together and we also have fun together. My favorite memories are when a patient move is complete and we celebrate as a team, together with our clients. That is the best feeling in the world because we did it together! Just as memorable is the look of amazement on the patient’s face as they are moved into their new and beautiful patient room. It is just priceless and brings me so much joy”

Tammie recalls a very specific memory from her time with HTS. “In December 2019, after a busy day at NYP Brooklyn, myself, Diana, and Oliver left for the city to have a great dinner and enjoy ‘Rock of Ages’, the Broadway Musical. After the musical, we began wandering through the city, admiring all the Christmas decorations in 17 degree weather.”
For Caitlin, her favorite memories are of travel with the HTS team and getting the opportunity to work in person with her amazing co-workers and the HTS specialists. “One memory that pops into my mind was a team dinner in Phoenix where Hajar, Gus, and myself competed to answer the most riddles while waiting for our food to arrive. The competition ended in laughter and it was such a beautiful moment of bonding. The work we do at HTS is incredible and being able to unwind and be yourself with the team is a true gift.”

HTS is made better by the work and dedication of Hilda, Tammie, and Caitlin. Congratulations to you three for your years spent with the HTS team!