We are excited that our software, FreightTrain FitUp™, will be used by Certified.

Certified is one of the largest labor contractors in the New York City area with facilities, equipment, and in-house labor capabilities. For more than eight decades, Certified has provided relocation, furniture, and glass wall delivery and installation, as well as warehousing services to the corporate community.

Certified was looking for a way to be able to track product lifecycle from the time the products were purchased, stored, delivered to site, installed, and finally accepted by the client. HTS and Certified were both awarded two separate New York-Presbyterian projects where we worked, and are still working, hand-in-hand to get the buildings loaded with the use of the FreightTrain™ technology.

After seeing the fundamental impact the FitUp™ software had on the New York-Presbyterian projects, Certified has elected to utilize FitUp on all of their future projects. HTS is pleased that our software will support Certified’s continued success.