As we enter the final season of 2020, we get to celebrate the HTS work anniversaries for Brandon Sanchez and Jessica Lee. September marks 3 years for Brandon and 10 years for Jess. Both Brandon and Jess have worn many hats during their tenures with HTS, but currently Brandon is a Project Manager. He works closely with his project teams to stay in sync with their client leads, their project needs, and their schedules. Jess works primarily in Accounting for HTS where she enters reports into QuickBooks, reconciles our credit card statements, and assists Accounting with the creation and distribution of invoices, as well as updating financial reports. Both Brandon and Jess express excitement in getting to excel in current roles, as well as getting the opportunity to support HTS in new ways.

Jess and Brandon both share that they love the diversity of HTS. Jess shares, “10 years ago I started off in our office in Los Angeles doing travel arrangements for our team. About 3 years ago I was asked to assist with invoice review and now I love working with numbers and learning about the accounting/invoicing process. I am so thankful for this company as they have walked with me through some treacherous waters in the last 10 years personally. HTS feels more like a family to me than it does working for another company.” For Brandon, “Being a part of a tight-knit team with such varied backgrounds, personalities, and skills makes for an awesome work dynamic. Coupled with our adventures through partnering with hospital systems across North America, we constantly share unique experiences and we value our commitment to work hard, celebrate small and big wins, and do what is best for our clients and our team. I’m proud to be a part of a group that encourages each other to grow professionally and personally. That’s special to me.” We could not have said it better, Jess and Brandon!

Jess and Brandon hold many cherished memories from their time with HTS, but they each have one time they would love to highlight. For Jess, being spotlighted during an HTS retreat where she received a beautiful cake and a princess crown for her birthday was extremely special. She was “so surprised and appreciative of their thoughtfulness.”
One of Brandon’s first experiences “took me to a wonderful women & children’s hospital in Vancouver, which served as a stunning location to meet many of the incredible people at HTS that I’ve been fortunate to learn from since. I was thrilled.”

HTS is overjoyed to celebrate your work and dedication, Brandon and Jessica. Thank you for being incredible assets to the team!