June brings us the start of summer and the joy of celebrating the years of work that Diana Silva and Vincent Han have done with HTS. Diana has been with HTS for 14 years and Vincent for 15 years. Both Diana and Vince share that their favorite aspect of working with HTS is how the team is more like a family than workmates and that the entire team steps up to the plate to reach our shared goals.

Vince is the software architect for HTS and he manages the development of our FreightTrain software. Diana has had a variety of titles during her time with HTS, but her main role is Logistics Project Manager. She is currently working in New York City, utilizing our FreightTrain software, specifically our FitUp module which assists with tracking of medical equipment, furniture, and IT from purchase to installation.

With their many years of work with HTS, both Diana and Vince have curated countless memories with the team. Vince cherishes the time he traveled to Chicago with our founder to receive a Construction Tech Magazine Award. There, Vince learned we had saved one of our clients over $50 million by using our FreightTrain software. Hard work certainly does pay off!

A recent memory that Diana holds dear occurred while traveling for a Day in the Life event. At the end of a long day, one of our Directors taught a couple of teammates how to do a Tik Tok dance. Not only does HTS know how to work, but they also know how to play.

Thank you, Vince and Diana, for your exceptional years of work with HTS! Happy Work Anniversary!