May 20th marked a huge milestone for our HTS team and the Alexandra Cohen Hospital for Women and Newborns. The first of three Day in the Life events was successfully executed thanks to a combined lift from our Cohen Hospital partners and leaders, IT, Equipment, Furniture, clinical leaders and physicians, frontline staff, EVS, and Supply Chain, to name a few!

After months of scenario developing and event logistics, nearly 200 participants collaborated to validate overall readiness prior to ever seeing their first patient. Day in the Life serves as a simulation event to reflect Day 1 of operations, with staff representing all patient, support, and ancillary service areas of the hospital. Together, these staff tested the building infrastructure, technology, planned workflows, and gathered a better understanding of what their new world will look, feel, and sound like.

With each passing day, the Cohen Hospital continues to be further readied with equipment, furniture, and systems integration, in preparation for an even more robust Day in the Life #2. We can’t wait to be back!