During this spring month of May, HTS is elated to celebrate the work anniversaries of Michell Barrett, Ley Anne Merica, and Tom Gaunt. Michell has been with HTS for 12 years, Ley Anne for 5 years, and Tom has led HTS as CEO for 2 years. As our CEO, Tom provides a foundation of support that allows each and every employee to do their best work.  While Michell’s title is officially QA & Support Manager, she supports HTS in a multitude of areas including IT, FreightTrain Software and Project Management, CAD Conversion, and Visio Updates. Ley Anne is a Project Manager for HTS where she helps lead her teams and healthcare facility teams to a successful activation and/or move.

Having been with HTS for over a decade, Michell loves the variety of work she has been able to support. She has learned so much from her time with HTS and is excited to see what the next years may bring. Ley Anne celebrates the genuine camaraderie within the HTS team. She loves working with the HTS team and knows there is nothing they cannot accomplish. Tom echoes a similar sentiment and shares that he loves having the opportunity to serve the HTS team in support of their work with our amazing clients. “We have the opportunity to be involved in innovative projects and we make a real difference. The gratitude that these clients express for our team and the work we do is just amazing.”

Ley Anne and Tom have been able to travel extensively with HTS and both share a thrill of getting to see new places, meet new people and seeing our client’s facilities come to life. And while Michell does not travel much with HTS, when she does get to, she really enjoys seeing the historical sites of the cities we work in.

Cheers to you, Michell, Ley Anne, and Tom for your years of outstanding work with HTS! Happy Work Anniversary!