During this International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife, and in these especially challenging times, our nurses and midwives are front liners in the care of patients with COVID-19 and those expecting their tiny bundles of joy.  We shine the light on their often unrecognized but integral and vital role in our healthcare systems. As a company led by a strong group of nurses and other healthcare professionals, we value their experience, skills, and expertise, and recognize that we are strong because they are!

The World Health Organization calls “for your support on World Health Day to ensure that the nursing and midwifery workforces are strong enough to ensure that everyone, everywhere gets the healthcare they need.”

Let them know you care:

  • Show your respect for nurses, midwives, and other fellow health workers.
  • Listen to their views and explore their ideas.
  • Engage nurses and midwives in decision making.