MUSC Photo Collage

The MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital and Pearl Tourville Women’s Pavilion was abuzz with activity and excitement last week as the hospital took on Day in the Life #2.  The day started early with an overview of Day in the Life for the hospital and volunteers provided by HTS Project Manager Cindy SmithAltogether, the hospital ran 46 scenarios for 16 departments with 15 HTS specialists facilitating the scenario simulations. The day closed with a debrief and surprise awards! The HTS project team at MUSC consists of Hilda Nering, Cindy Smith, Kim King, Becky Sales, Tannya McFarlane, Diana Silva, Tammie Russell, Brandon Sanchez, and Cliff West.  The HTS support team of Connie Nelson, Diana Arthur, Dania Baba, Erin Clark, Felicia Harris, and Gus Figueroa were extremely integral to the success of the event

HTS thanks MUSC for their trust and confidence. We look forward to the hospital’s opening and wish for more collaboration in the future with you.