Stress is inevitable. Our leadership team at HTS recognizes that in order to have successful employees, work/life balance needs to be a priority. Because this balance is so important to HTS, our team is encouraged to take time for themselves to stay happy, healthy and wise. Here are just some of the ways our people reduce stress and create stability:

Cindy, Project Manager, eats a vitamin rich and balanced diet daily filled with protein, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, dairy, and healthy nuts for snacking. No need for supplements when you are filling your body with whole foods. For exercise, Cindy runs up to 5 miles at least 4-5 days a week.

Brenda, Special Projects Coordinator, focuses on having a grateful mindset for the blessings in her life. She fills her weekends and evenings with fun outings with her family and/or friends, whether it be checking out a museum exhibit or getting drinks at Happy Hour. She finds peace when volunteering at her local nursing home or helping at the local retreat house for the Carmelite nuns.

Kristal, Bookkeeper, meal preps and exercises with her daughter. They do yoga together, go for walks with their dog or swim in their pool. At work, Kristal has healthy snacks at her desk such as fruit or granola bars and a water bottle. A visit to the chiropractor once a week keeps her body aligned and doing stretches or ballet during conference calls keeps her moving all day long.

Michell, QA & Support Manager, stays balanced by taking care of her farm and tending to her garden during the warm summer months.

Tannya, Project Coordinator, exercises every day, whether she is participating in Ragnar Relay’s or riding bikes along the beach with her children.

April, Project Manager, meditates and gets in at least 10,000 steps every day. April knows how much sleep she needs, and then makes sure she gets that amount. She unwinds with a cross stitch or puzzle, as well as finds time to socialize with her friends.

Jessica, Project Support, does a 5K race every month with her husband. Doing these runs with her husband keeps them in shape, gives them quality time together, and takes them to fun locales. Her most recent runs were at Universal Studios, Orange County Fairgrounds, and Angels Stadium.

Kim, Project Coordinator, lives on the West Coast and ends her workdays with a walk on the beach or lookout over the ocean.

What are some ways you incorporate health and exercise in your life?