Our team is constantly on the move, hopping from one plane to the next, from one project this week to another in the next week or two. As such, they have gained some incredible insights on traveling comfortably, adjusting to different time zones, and waking up refreshed and ready to tackle the week. Feel free to use these tips for your next adventure.


  • Check the weather for the week in the city you are traveling to so that you pack appropriate clothing.
  • We have team members who prefer airlines that offer free baggage check-in so that they do not have to lug their baggage throughout the trip. Others consider carry-ons as the way to go so that they can breeze in and out of airports and skip the wait in the baggage area.
  • Keep duplicates of your toiletries (hair care products, facial care, make-up) and medicine in your luggage so that you don’t have to pack these every time you go on a trip.
  • Bundle your daily outfits by folding in your top, socks or tights, and underwear with your skirt or pants for the day. It’s a time saver to pull your daily bundle instead of picking each item from separate piles.
  • Packing cubes keep your stuff organized. Travel + Leisure says, “Packing cubes will keep your clothes compressed and folded flat or neatly rolled (however you prefer to do it), meaning no wrinkles… You can just move the cubes directly into the drawers of your hotel’s dresser, unzip, and you’re set.”
  • Stuff socks in your shoes to conserve space. Keep tide pods or detergent packets in Ziplocs and pack between your cubes or clothes. Bring extra batteries, if needed and pack with additional cables (VGA, HDMI, etc.).
  • Invest in a small clothes steamer that’s easier to handle than the hotel’s iron.
  • Pack your toothbrush and toothpaste in your carry on. You never know where you might end up!
  • In addition to your toothbrush and toothpaste, include these in your carry-on: snacks (nuts, dried fruit, energy bars, mints) and a re-usable water bottler; disinfecting wipes for your plane seat, tray table, seat pocket, and airline magazine; eyedrops; power cable, phone chargers, and a fully-charged power bank; Airborne/Emergen-C; sleep aids like Melatonin and Benadryl, and your daily medical prescriptions.

At the Airport/On the Flight

  • If you are parking your car at the airport, take a picture of your parking location – Structure Number or Letter (i.e., Building A), level and specific spot (i.e., 3rd floor, C12)
  • Use TSA Pre-check if you are flying more than 3 times a year – it’s worth every penny.
  • Keep hydrated, keep your snacks handy, and watch your salt intake to avoid puffiness. A hungry, thirsty traveler is not a happy traveler.
  • Take your sleep aid (Melatonin, Benadryl) on long flights, or once you arrive at your destination. Travel and time changes can wreak havoc on your sleep schedule.
  • Wear comfortable business casual clothes. You’ll never know who you might run into at the airport or on the flight.
  • Fully charge your devices prior to traveling. Charging outlets at the airport may be limited.

Upon Arrival at Your Destination City and Hotel

  • Use your hotel’s app to check-in prior to arrival (Marriott, Hilton) – you may even be able to choose your room when using this service.
  • When checking-in at the hotel, request for a quiet room away from elevators, the freeways, and the ice machines.
  • Check your bed and bathroom for cleanliness.
  • Secure your room – check the closets and under the beds, use the door locks, and chains.
  • Try to avoid using devices one hour before sleep and set your cell phone to “Do Not Disturb”. Use Melatonin or Benadryl sleep aid so that you wake up refreshed and ready for the day.
  • If you are checking in late at night, order food for delivery. No one should go to bed hungry.
  • Use lavender oil in the evening and peppermint in the morning – a couple drops on a warm or cold washcloth. Our team member freezes the peppermint washcloth and places it on her forehead for a great morning wake-up that also decreases puffiness around the eyes.

Additional Tips

  • Print a copy of your itinerary (flights and hotel) and travel team phone list for your family. In case of an emergency, or simply for their peace of mind, it is important that they are aware of your whereabouts and have the means to contact you.
  • Take photos of your receipts as a back-up in case you misplace your hard copies.
  • Sometimes, the cost of two one-way flights is cheaper than the cost of a roundtrip booking.
  • If your flight is delayed due to mechanical issues, submit a complaint as soon as your flight lands and ask for rewards points or upgrades on future travel.

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