Stony Brook Medicine leadership and staff and the HTS “A” Team are beaming with excitement as Day in the Life draws close for the MART and Hospital Pavilion. The first of three will take place on Thursday, 11/29. With Ley Anne, Tannya, Kim, and Brandon already on-site prepping for the event, the rest of the team arrive tomorrow ready to get to work.

HTS started working with Stony Brook in January 2016 for the activation of the MART and Hospital Pavilion. The two structures are part of a campus-wide $423 million expansion project. The eight-story, 245,000-square-foot Medical and Research Translation Building (MART) will be dedicated to cancer research and will house advanced biomedical imaging and biomedical informatics. On the other hand, the 10-story, 225,000-square-foot Hospital Pavilion will contain 150 inpatient beds and four floors dedicated to a new Stony Brook Children’s Hospital.  Shortly after the third Day in the Life, HTS will dive into move planning to get the two buildings on their way to activation.

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