With 14 years of experience activating and moving healthcare facilities, HTS has developed the process and technology to facilitate building turnover from construction to operations. “Room Check” is a critical and monumental transition step where the user can review each room in the newly-constructed department for operational-readiness. With lessons learned from using paper checklists that were unreliable for record-keeping and issue resolution, HTS’s innovative team developed a standardized and streamlined digital room checklist within the FitUp software. With the use of an IPAD and floorplans, the user can click on a room and begin checking-off the items in the room checklist with a simple tap of a finger. Room Check provides an easy-to-use, real-time paperless documentation of each room’s condition after turnover from the construction or project team. Adding to its efficiency is its capability to link a photo to the issue at hand.

Room Check formalizes the sign-off process and allows for the early discovery of issues. This enables the team to resolve issues in a timely manner and minimize or eliminate delays in the opening of a new facility.

To learn more, contact HTS for a software demonstration of our latest Room Checklist technology.