The combination of HTS’s industry-leading Transition Planning team and innovative FreightTrain® software solutions creates a unique opportunity to deliver value to our clients in healthcare and other industries.

Over the years, HTS has learned about real challenges that healthcare facilities face from design inception through activation of a new building. HTS brings lessons learned from previous assignments to the project’s design and construction process.

Our unique team of experts has the skill-set and experience. Coupled with the FreightTrain® technology,  HTS has the tools and processes to support a project through its lifecycle. For example, we understand that nurse call design is often left to the vendor and at the end of the project, it is tested by the clinicians to ensure that it works. Our specialists find that the nurse call is consistently an issue that plagues a project at the end. By bringing in HTS during the design phase, we are able to translate the operational needs and technology requirements to support the workflow of a patient care area. This partnering effort saves time and cuts down on vendor trips back to the facility to fix the system. Beyond workflows, HTS also provides regulatory support to ensure the project is compliant from Day 1.

HTS is a one-stop shop for buildings in the making. With its experienced professionals and FreightTrain®’s Quality Management software, we have the construction project covered from design to construction, and finally, activation.

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