September 20 was a milestone date for Community Memorial Hospital. The facility’s staff with 21 HTS specialists tackled Day in the Life scenario simulations in preparation for Opening Day. A number of HTS personnel arrived three days prior to set the stage for the event, leaving no stone unturned. In all, about 250 participants converged at the hospital to run a variety of scenarios in fifteen departments. These areas covered Medical Oncology, Post-Surgical, Telemetry, Endoscopy, ICU/CCU, ED, Mother-Baby, Cath Lab, OR, Pre-op PACU, Central Sterile, Imaging, NICU, L&D, and Pediatrics. Over seven hundred issues surfaced from the day-long event where participants tested workflow, paths of travel, and new equipment and systems.

At the end of the day, the HTS team expressed their admiration towards the Community Memorial Hospital staff. Kim King, Project Coordinator notes, “The staff displayed such positivity throughout the day. They were unfazed and adapted to the changes in the schedule. They problem-solved as a team and impressed everyone with their cooperation and willingness to do the work. The goal was to have a successful Day in the Life so that they can make their new workspace as great as possible for the patients they care for, and they made it happen!”

Becky Sales, HTS Project Director for the Community Memorial Hospital adds, “Day in the Life at Community Memorial Hospital was a fabulous success, and we look forward to Day in the Life #2 in October.”

HTS is privileged to be a part of the Community Memorial Hospital team in the activation of the new Ocean Tower. We look forward to continuing the work until the new tower welcomes its patients on Opening Day.