Over the next several months, HTS will be facilitating over a dozen Day in the Life events across the country. The HTS team will be venturing out to support our clients spanning the beach cities of Southern California to the crisp shores of Long Island with stops at some exciting projects in wonderful communities in-between.

HTS’s team of project managers, specialists, coordinators, and support staff will be mobilized to facilitate these events in partnership with our clients’ internal planning teams. It takes a village to execute a successful Day in the Life event, and we are excited to lead these amazing teams!

Day in the Life events provide a unique opportunity for healthcare organizations to role-play new and different workflow scenarios in their future environment, long before the first patients arrive. These hands-on and interdisciplinary events require front-line caregivers, clinical ancillary resources, and support services departments to work together to ensure that the facility is ready, the staff is prepared, and all issues are documented and prioritized. The issues identified as a result of this performance testing at the new facility can be evaluated and resolved long before they become a regulatory concern or create an operational impact.

Click on the link below to get a brief overview of an HTS Day in the Life experience.

HTS Day in the Life

If you or your organization is interested in being an observer at one of the many events that we will be conducting in the coming months, we would be happy to provide you with more information.

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