Preparing for the first patient in a new state-of-the-art facility covering 830,000 square feet of space is not an easy feat. How do you track room readiness for Day 1 of patient care in a hospital 22 stories high and housing 3,076 rooms with over 60,000 pieces of medical equipment, furniture, and IT products? FreightTrain Solutions‘ FitUp module provides the answer – a single-source solution to facilitate work, coordinate, and communicate new facility equipment logistics.

Two weeks prior to the patient move, HTS’s Antonio Ambriz was deployed to the field to conduct a room readiness assessment. With FitUp, he updated product status, documented issues, and reported overall room readiness for the building in 7 days! The software allowed for a quick, real-time assessment to indicate what was still missing from each room.

FitUp provides a robust issues management process with real-time data on project status, space readiness, and issue tracking metrics. HTS works side-by-side with its clients to prepare for opening day while continuing to prioritize patient safety.  We look forward to each facility’s opening and send good wishes for continued growth.