The UP-Marquette Replacement Hospital transition team together with Ley Anne Merica and Brandon Sanchez (HTS Project Manager and Coordinator, respectively) kicked-off interdisciplinary workflow this month. The February assessment of the current state workflows served as the basis for the training sessions of Workflow leads and other department leaders who will then teach and facilitate the next workflow sessions. HTS presented Workflow bootcamp, followed by the Future State visioning of the two recently-assessed workflows. Ley Anne is pleased with the outcome of the kick-off. She adds, “The team in Marquette has learned the process from start to finish, and will now take this know-how to work on all identified workflows as they prepare to open and operate their new facility in 2019.”

HTS Senior Project Manager Kathy Stevenson mapping out Future State with input from the large session group
Mary Armijo explaining department locations on the architect’s maps