In every organization, there is that one individual who consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty. This is a person who keeps people and projects on track, stays late to put the finishing touches on presentations, and one goes out of her way to support her fellow team members. At HTS, that person is Special Projects Coordinator Brenda de Borja. Brenda has been with HTS for over five years, and in that time has been responsible for the front-end preparation and coordination for each of our projects. With an uncanny knack for detail, Brenda ensures that each of our proposals is tailored to fit our prospective clients’ needs and checks that all our T’s are crossed and all our I’s are dotted. When it comes to marketing, she oversees the editing of social media posts and assists with the planning of future campaigns. Brenda can be described by her fellow team members as spirited, thoughtful, a perfectionist and, most of all, considerate. When asked what makes her so valuable, the overwhelming consensus was that she genuinely is passionate about the well-being of both the company and the people she works with. “Brenda is the glue that keeps the team together,” Kelly Guzman shared. “It is all the little things she does that make her so incredibly valuable to our team.”

HTS is pleased to recognize Brenda de Borja as the 2017 HTS Transition Planning Division’s Team Member of the Year. We thank her for EVERYTHING that she does to make us successful and are honored to have her on our team!