As construction completion and building turnover quickly approach, Keck Medicine’s new outpatient facility, the Norris Healthcare Center (HC3), gears up for orientation and training. Over the past few months, the HTS team led by project managers Jeff Agner and Hilda Nering has been working with the HC3 team and its director of education to prepare for city and state-required regulatory inspections. Key to ensuring a successful survey is orienting staff to their new environment, equipment, and workflows. With our vast experience of activating new facilities, we share our lessons learned and best practices from project experiences, thus allowing us to implement training programs that are best suited for the staff. The HTS recommended training program includes building fire and life safety training, facility orientation, vendor training, and department-specific orientation. Train-the-trainer methodologies are implemented to help guide the leadership on who needs training when. Finally, the Orientation and Training program culminates in testing and validation of learning objectives during Day in the Life (DitL), an interdisciplinary, hands-on dress rehearsal that includes patient actors and staff providing care to the patient actors using the new workflows, systems, and equipment. Day in the Life is facilitated and implemented by HTS staff.

The next few months will be very busy as HC3 leaves the planning stage and heads into project activation. The first stage of Building Fit-up starts with equipment, furniture, and IT deployment into the new space in addition to cleaning, supplying, and testing. These activation efforts will be carefully sequenced and orchestrated to ensure successful and timely licensure, before Go-Live. Norris Healthcare Center is expected to open early 2018.