The Power of Accountability and How Good Coaching Can Make a Difference.

By Roslyn Francois, MBA, BSE

Recently, I became aware of just how much my role as a Transition Planner can mirror the work that I do as a “weekend warrior” Health and Wellness Coach in my community.  I am a certified wellness coach and grassroots pro-activist for healthy eating.  On the weekends, I am a passionate coach to people who are committed to eating healthy, and improving their sense of well-being.

As a wellness coach, one of the first things I share with my clients at the onset of our engagement is that “a coach can run the race with his or her client. However a coach, no matter how great a coach he or she may be, cannot run the race for his or her client.”  The client has to do the work.  They need to put in the time and effort, and allocate the resources to experience great results.

This philosophy also rings true with our HTS Transition Planning clients.  Within the first few months of consulting engagements, it sometimes becomes clear that our clients expect HTS to do the work for the hospital.

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