Keck Medicine of USC, together with the HTS project team, entered the second phase of Day in the Life (DitL) scenario writing recently for the new HC3 Norris Healthcare Center. This phase of the transition process validates scenarios created by the team in the previous months. HTS Project Manager and DitL Subject Matter Expert Kathy Stevenson walked the staff through the custom-built scenarios. This ensures the accuracy in capturing all processes agreed on during the interdisciplinary training event.

“Having Kathy on the project is fantastic. She brings so much knowledge and expertise to the table. Kathy works with the HTS project team to prepare the complete package to hand over to our clients,” says HTS Project Coordinator, Christina Olivarria.

As the HC3 project quickly approaches the Activation phase, the team is looking forward to building turnover, with orientation and training following shortly. From Leadership to the Committee members, and HTS, it’s all hands on deck.