June 20 marked a significant leap in the preparations to open the new Inpatient Tower at Dayton Children’s Hospital (DCH). With the HTS team led by Ley Anne Merica and Erica Aguilera Dickey, DCH hosted Day in the Life, an interdisciplinary simulation event to test readiness of the staff for Day One of operations. Over 120 staff participated in running scenarios allowing them the opportunity to evaluate new operation plans, systems integration, training effectiveness, and equipment functionality in the new space. The NICU staff were able to test workflow in private rooms which is very different than the open ward that they live in today. This opportunity allowed them a chance to validate the processes that they worked on for the past year!

Kelly Guzman, HTS’s COO presented to the Board of Directors after the event and they were thrilled to hear about the experiences of the day. They expressed appreciation for the hard work of the staff and the support from HTS.

In the next few weeks, the hospital will be resolving any issues that were discovered during the event and preparing for their next Day in the Life in early July and will be deep in the planning process for patient move in mid-July.

Did you know that Dayton, OH where the hospital is located, is the birthplace of aviation, and home to Wilbur and Orville Wright?

Day in the Life at Dayton Children’s Hospital