FreightTrain has further enhanced its FitUp module (part of the Activation Suite along with RAIL and OPM) with the addition of the new FitUp Room Activation Checklist feature.  This feature further expands the functionality of the cloud-based FitUp solution which manages and coordinates logistics and building outfitting in one consolidated real-time database.

The new function enables an organization’s department leads to use FitUp to manage their User Acceptance process and assess room readiness before the Day in the Life exercises.  Managers and Super Users will inspect and validate issues and/or sign-off for:  Space, Environment, Medical Equipment, Furniture, IT Devices and Finishes.

ft fitup

FitUp Issues graphs have been added to the FitUp dashboard, allowing at-a-glance status of issues impacting activation.

ft fitup 2


If your project is a current FitUp licensee, ask your FreightTrain professional about adding this feature to your project.  If you interested in learning more about FitUp and its latest enhancements, please contact FreightTrain at 510-601-6501.