Erica Aguilera Dickey is a Project Specialist at HTS. She has been with HTS for over eight years and was a part of the first Day in the Life event in Northern California. She provides a unique perspective to the HTS Transition Planning team using her critical thinking skills and knowledge of data analysis.

Erica has played a role in the development and ongoing support for the Implementation Timeline, Workflow Planning Process, Orientation and Training manuals, Day in the Life process, Marketing materials, and other special projects.

Erica is a Subject Matter Expert for HTS’s Day in the Life Process. She works with the project team to develop future state workflow for hospital operations, and maximize workflow efficiencies. She then uses the information gathered to build customized scenarios for the clinical team to test during Day in the Life. Erica has organized and led over 30 events across North America.

Erica recently became a certified registered nurse and began working as an oncology nurse at a local Southern California hospital. Practically having her whole family working in hospitals, one would say it was a natural progression. Having been a consultant for a variety of facilities gives her an additional level of empathy that she can use to better serve her patients. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two dogs at home – Sky and Savannah. She dabbles in gardening and has a passion for science and bettering the world around her. The words determined, genuine, selfless, and hard-working, are just a few words that those around her may choose to describe her.

Erica is:

is happy “When I’m home with my husband and our puppies.”
felt/is proud “When something was accomplished that was previously thought impossible.”
is/was sad “When the L.A. Kings don’t make the playoffs.” 
Is/was hilariously amused “When watching baby animal videos on YouTube.”
Is grateful for “When I’m surrounded by my family, friends, and animals.”

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