Ley Anne Merica is a Project Manager at HTS for over 3 years. Her industry experience spanning 30 years of work in project management, training, quality improvement, and adherence to quality guidelines was most prominently evident at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego. At Rady, Ley Anne was the Director of Quality Management and Medical Staff Services. She also led transition planning efforts for the acute care pavilion project including the development of a patient move plan, preparations for the regulatory survey, and coordination of staff and physician training.

Ley Anne grew up in Orange County between Buena Park and Anaheim. She remembers being able to walk to Knott’s Berry Farm, and enjoying the fireworks display at Disneyland from the comfort of her bedroom window at night. When asked about the top three highlights of her life, she replied:

  1. Marriage to Tim
  2. Being an aunt and great aunt
  3. Can’t wait to experience the third!

Here’s an interesting insight into Ley Anne, in her own words:

Ley Anne

is happy “When I am spending time with family and friends at the lake in Idaho. When I was 10 my parents took my brother and I across the United States.  We visited many National Parks, Washington D.C. and the White House, Hersey, Pennsylvania and watched how kisses were made. We also went to the Ford Motor plant and watched cars being built. I can still remember the heat from the pouring liquid steel.  We hit Niagara Falls, and Mt. Vernon to see where George Washington lived. Ultimately, we ended up in Indiana where we visited family and grandparents. It was a wonderful trip.”
felt/is proud “When I feel I have contributed to the HTS team.  When I see what amazing people my nephew and nieces have become.”
is/was sad “When I think for that split second, I want to call my mother and tell her about my day, and realize I cannot.”
Is/was hilariously amused “You have to laugh at yourself.  I most recently amused myself yesterday.  I was heading to Long Island after flying into La Guardia.  I have never taken the subway or train, so this was to be my first adventure.  I figured, piece of cake.  After being delayed THREE hours in Chicago and now arriving after dark it was a bit more challenging than I had anticipated. With my bright fuchsia suitcase with royal blue flowers (I am sure I didn’t stand out) I ended up on the New York Subway….thinking it was the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR).  With the help of two fellow subway passengers (priceless expressions when I asked if I was on the train) I figured this out about ½ hour into the ride.  Needless to say this was a bit unnerving.  I did manage to find the LLRR and literally got on the right track.  However, about a ½ into the ride I jumped the train and grabbed a cab. But, I can say I rode the subway and LLRR.  I just smiled (once in my hotel room).”
Is grateful for “My health, Tim, my family, my friends, and HTS.”

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