The Utah Valley Hospital (UVH) team was a guest to two large Dallas hospitals that recently opened their new facilities. UVH is about 18 months away from the activation of their 12-story hospital which includes a new ER, an interventional platform, and inpatient units.

The first stop was Parkland Hospital. Included in the itinerary was a tour and discussion on lessons learned from the transition and activation of the 862-bed facility. The UVH team had the opportunity to ask their counterparts what worked well, and what they would have done differently. In the afternoon, the team met with the William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital (UTSW) leadership just down the street. UTSW, a former client of HTS, welcomed the party warmly with a tour and a discussion of lessons learned. The visit provided the UVH team a clear picture of how their decisions would impact their future hospital.

At the end of the day-long visit, the UVH team returned to their hospital inspired and empowered as they prepare for their own activation. As HTS Project Manager Melanie Viquez notes, “The value of positive change management leadership cannot be underestimated. At both institutions, we saw first-hand the results of implementing and operationalizing patient-centered solutions. The UVH team appreciated the insight and lessons learned gained from both places.”

The success of Parkland and UTSW, and their warm welcome and openness to share what they have learned have helped UVH get a more defined understanding of what lies ahead. HTS Project Manager Erin Clark couldn’t have expressed it more succinctly when she  added that “the ability to connect with people from across the country and to learn from one another is truly amazing. Hospitals such as Utah Valley have so many choices to make as they open a new facility, and it is great to be able to connect them with fellow facilities who have walked in their shoes. Moving forward, they now have a contact to reach out to because of this invaluable experience.”