The HTS Project Team for Dayton Children’s Hospital, Ohio, kicked off future state workflow on February 21st. Here, the team can be seen mapping out workflow for materials and supply distribution and collection. During the session, the team worked closely with such departments as Environmental Services, Dietary Services, Pharmacy, Lab/POCT, and the transition team to define and validate the workflow for their new space. Project Coordinator, Erica Aguilera, RN, PMP, has facilitated workflow for numerous organizations across the country. “Workflow is one of my favorite milestones in the transition process. Not only are staff given the opportunity to plan the future of their facility but also this is the time in the project that the team begins to understand how important our interdisciplinary approach is. Working together, across various departments is not typical practice for hospitals but here at HTS we highly encourage it.”

HTS utilizes a unique 4-Step approach to work with hospital transition and activation teams to facilitate common interdisciplinary workflow topics. When transitioning from an existing space to a brand new space, staff often feel anxious about the workflow process changes they will encounter. These include but are not limited to path of travel, access to the facility, patient throughput, and material and supply distribution. By mapping out the future workflow, discussing changes, and making important decisions about new processes, staff feel confident that on day one of operations they are prepared to deliver safe and effective patient care.