HTS recently kicked off its transition project with Intermountain Utah Valley Hospital (IUVH) in Provo, Utah. The HTS Transition Planning team of Erin Clark, Project Lead; Melanie Viquez, Project Manager, and Melissa Johnson, Project Coordinator met with the facility’s executive leadership, its transition leadership, and department heads. Over two weeks, HTS conducted a day-long strategy session with the hospital to review the timeline and schedule, and develop the structure that will be used over the next two years. Additionally, the team met with all department representatives to get an idea of the impact of the new facility on their staff and operations. The new expansion tower will house over 200 new inpatient rooms, an integrated Interventional Platform, a new Emergency Department, and various ancillary departments. The team at UVH has worked on other, smaller activations, and are excited about their biggest activation in recent history.

Erin and her team look forward to working with the dedicated team at UVH to safely and successfully activate their new 12-story patient tower. The Utah Valley Hospital team is a tight-knit group and their commitment to their patients is easily noticeable. Many of their staff have been there for 25+ years which speaks to their nature, and their promise to deliver high-quality patient care in Utah.

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