HTS recently participated in the Healthcare Design Expo and Conference (HCD) held in Houston, Texas from November 12-15. HCD is a forum for industry leaders in healthcare and design to come together and learn, share ideas, reconnect, discuss best practices, view innovative design products, and influence the direction of the industry into the future. With over 3,600 attendees, and 100+ educational sessions, this year’s conference focused on how the design of responsibly built environments directly impacts the safety, operation, clinical outcomes, and financial success of healthcare facilities, both now and into the future.

Monday’s keynote address was presented by this year’s Changemaker Award recipients. Every year, Healthcare Design, through its Changemaker Award, acknowledges individuals or organizations that have demonstrated exceptional ability to change the way healthcare facilities are designed and built, and whose work has had broad impact on the advancement of healthcare design. This year, HCD acknowledged Jaynelle Stichler, and D. Kirk Hamilton. Jane and Kirk are co-founders and currently co-editors of the Health Environments Research & Design (HERD) journal, a top international, inter-professional publication focusing on the effects of health environments and evidence-based design. Ms. Stichler, an RN, was recognized for her pioneering work as one of the nation’s first nurse consultants in the design of healthcare environment. Erin comments, “It was very exciting to see a nurse come so far in an architect-dominated industry. She really represents how to advocate for patients and the nursing profession.“

At the exhibition hall, HTS’s tireless COO, Kelly Guzman, was at the helm of the HTS booth. She was joined by Janet Dalton, Director of Operations; Donna Denning, FreightTrain® Director of Marketing; Erin Clark, Project Manager; and Erica Aguilera, Project Coordinator. HTS looks forward to the yearly event to explore innovations in healthcare, and interface with healthcare facility leaders who maybe in need of our Transition Planning and/or FreightTrain® services. Kelly says, “It’s always interesting to speak with facility leaders about how our services support healthcare organizations, and fill the gaps as they undergo a transition, activation, and imminent occupancy”.

Having been in the industry for many years, Kelly, Janet, and Donna ran into old friends, colleagues, and past clients while manning the booth, and cruising the exhibit hall. “In an industry that spans the country and the world, coming to HCD is always an exciting experience. It is an opportune time to think outside the box, and determine how our organization would adapt to, and utilize current and future innovations to better serve healthcare facilities”, adds Janet. So many familiar faces filled this year’s exhibition halls. It was bustling with activity – row upon row of vendors showcasing innovative products and services.

There is no shortage of takeaways from the Healthcare Design Conference. HTS’s is the inspiration to  adapt to and welcome change, to nurture the connections we’ve made, and to find new avenues for growth.  HTS, as always, looks forward to next year’s conference in Orlando, FL.