On November 8, 2016, HTS facilitated the third and final Day in the Life at UC San Diego Health’s Jacobs Medical Center. With hundreds of staff members, and an HTS record number of visiting hospital guests, HTS and the UCSDH leadership team collaborated seamlessly to ensure that every participant got the most out of the experience. The dress rehearsal was held on Election Day, and also coincided with UCSDH’s Joint Commission Survey, both of which were firsts for the HTS book of records.

Staff members representing nearly all UCSDH departments participated in an eight-hour day that focused on facility readiness, workflow and path of travel validation, and confirmation that equipment and systems were ready for Day One of operations. Having successfully received their license from the California Department of Public Health on October 26th, the JMC staff continued to focus on patient safety during their simulations.

The Day in the Life command center saw a large drop in the number of issues reported in comparison to previous Day in the Life events.  Most were minor items such as phone list discrepancies and equipment placement questions. Jeff Agner, HTS Director of Transition Planning and Lead Project Manager for the Jacobs Medical Center activation effort, observed that “the low volume and relatively mild nature of the issues identified during Day in the Life #3 is a testament to the hard work that all teams have been putting in over the last few months. We expect the final Day in the Life to be more about applying the finishing touches than encountering significant surprises.”

JMC is scheduled to open on November 20, 2016 with HTS coordinating the move of patients into the facility. “It’s hard to believe that Move Day is already upon us,” says HTS Project Manager, Alison Broders, PMP. Broders has worked on the JMC project for the last two years and is expectedly proud to be a part of the project. “Both the hospital leadership team and staff have worked extremely hard to reach this final milestone and the HTS Team and I will be extremely honored to stand by them on November 20th.”

Congratulations to UC San Diego Health on another successful Day in the Life, and best wishes as you open your doors on November 20, 2016.

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