HTS recently participated in the 2016 Attainia Community Summit (ACS) from October 23rd through the 26th in Scottsdale, AZ. ACS is a unique event where attendees learn about best practices and trends in the capital planning industries. Attendees have extensive learning opportunities through presentations, panel discussions, learning labs, training sessions, and breakout sessions.

HTS Executive Director of Operations, Janet Dalton, presented “FreightTrain FitUp: Solutions for your Logistics Management Pain Points”. Janet led the audience through common pain points experienced in every building readiness project, and expounded on how FreightTrain’s FitUp software module relieves each one. Janet explained that “together, Attainia and HTS provide the complete FF&E solution from initial plan to final placement and signoff.”

Donna Denning, FreightTrain’s Director of Marketing and Sales, shared that ACS “provided a great opportunity for Attainia’s user community to network in person, and connect names with faces.” Donna conveyed the value of the HTS/Attainia partnership, and explained that “by linking Attainia’s PLAN data to HTS’s FreightTrain FitUp solutions, we are opening hospitals sooner than planned.”

HTS congratulates ACS for hosting this exceptional event. The HTS team looks forward to joining you again next year.

FitUp, the newest FreightTrain software module, is a unique and revolutionary cloud-based solution to manage and coordinate thousands of pieces of medical equipment, IT components, and furniture information in one consolidated database, maintained in real-time.  FitUp’s fully interactive Visual Fragnet maps cover every room in the facility, providing users with updates on the status of product installation and room readiness.