HTS was excited to return to Nome, Alaska in October to conduct a Project Management Boot Camp.  After using HTS’s proven project management processes to move into a new facility and implement an Electronic Medical Records system, Norton Sound Healthcare Corporation (NSHC) leadership brought back the HTS team to lead a four-day Project Management Boot Camp. The HTS team was led by Lynn Aguilera, Director of Transition Planning, and included Kelly Guzman, COO/Executive VP, Ryan Dickey, Project Coordinator, and Christian Aguilera, Project Support. The overarching goal for the boot camp was to provide an overview of general project management practices following the Project Management Institute (PMI) guidelines.

Over the course of the boot camp, the NSHC managers learned various aspects of project management as the HTS team helped them to create charters and scope statements for their current and future work.  Boot Camp topics included:

  • The five PMI process groups and ten PMI knowledge areas
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Time management, delegation, and meeting management
  • Application of PMI tools and processes to create charters and scope statements
  • Establishing “Your Role as a Project Manager at NSHC”

According to Ryan Dickey, PMP “One very important aspect of the class was a direct transfer of learned project management skills to current NSHC projects. While there was a lot of material to cover and new concepts to learn, the NSHC management and attendees to the boot camp brought positive attitudes. The group was very excited when they learned how the concepts and tools taught would help them to manage and promote their existing projects while establishing guidelines and increasing communication between the project leads and the leadership team.”

As a part of the project management lessons, HTS also provided introduction courses on Microsoft OneNote and Microsoft Planner for the attendees to become acquainted and comfortable using these organizational tools that were provided by NSHC executive leadership.

At the end of the four days, the HTS crew was very excited to see the application of the knowledge. The attendees were able finalize their project charters and participate in a competitive game of Project Management Jeopardy. As always, it was a bittersweet goodbye as the HTS team boarded the plane to return to California. HTS looks forward to supporting the NSHC team and hearing about their project successes, as well as their progress on the path to becoming Project Manager Professionals (PMPs)!