By Jill Worley, MBA, Attainia Capital Planning Solutions and Bryan Semple, Vice President EMEA, Attainia Capital Planning Solutions

Hospital construction is finished. The contractor has handed over the keys. Final clean has been completed and the lights are on. Staff are recruited, trained and ready to receive the first patients. This is an exciting time for your organization, but for Facilities and Clinical Engineering managers and staff, it will be a stressful time as well.

Stressful because much time and money has gone into the project, which now is up to the hospital staff to ensure a seamless transition from project to functioning facility. As Healthcare Technology becomes more central to the efficient, effective and safe running of hospitals, staff become responsible for ensuring this technology is used properly so that the hospital has sufficient medical equipment and that it has been correctly installed. Undoubtedly they have been working hard over the past few months inspecting, testing and calibrating equipment.

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