Months back, Erin was interviewed by Chana Harris, HTS’s HR Manager, for Employee Spotlight. When asked for her personal mantra, Erin replied that she has two: “Your actions speak louder than your words”, and, “Character is what you do when no one’s watching.” These adages are truly ingrained in Erin’s character, manifesting so naturally in all aspects of her life.

Erin’s adventuresome spirit, coupled with her desire to reach out to those in need, took her to Malawi, Africa as a community health worker of the United States Peace Corps. Where most would probably not endure for lack of electricity and running water, Erin stayed for two years. She took on the role of a registered nurse educator, teaching Anatomy/Physiology and Medical Surgical nursing.

Stateside, Erin has worked at multiple hospitals across California, in Neuro, Cardiovascular, Medical/Surgical, and Transplant ICU. She was an adjunct faculty at the University of San Francisco for both undergraduate and graduate nursing students. Erin has recently completed a year’s assignment at a healthcare facility in Stanford through HTS, and is currently working at the University of Chicago Medical Center, and happily exploring the Windy City. Erin is also a published author with a 2014 HERD Journal article, “Bedside to Blueprint: The Role of Nurses in Hospital Design”, and with “Planning and Design for Healthcare Environments: a Nurse’s Perspective” as a contributing author for a publication by Herman Miller Healthcare in association with the Nursing Institute for Healthcare Design.

Erin believes in enriching her professional development by actively participating in a number of nursing organizations. She is a board member for the Nursing Institute for Healthcare Design, and a member of the Association for California Nurse Leaders, and the Center for Health Design.

Erin headed east to Seton Hall University in West Orange, New Jersey to complete her Nursing degree. She has been a nurse for over eight years and considers Critical Care her area of specialty. It was at the ACNL conference in 2013 that the opportune time came for Erin to consider another career pathway. Erin picked up an article on Transition Planning as she was walking by the HTS booth. The article was an interesting read, and it stirred her interest in the field. During this time, Erin scheduled an interview with Kelly Guzman, HTS’s COO for an article she was writing. By the end of the meeting, she was hooked.  Erin joined HTS as a Project Manager and has been with the company for over two years.

Outside of work, Erin enjoys traveling, listening to live music, and spending time with her nieces and nephews. “They are still young enough to think I’m cool, and I know that won’t last very long!” Erin loves to travel, and has already set foot in five of the seven continents. Back from a trip to Iceland where she hiked the glaciers, Erin is setting her sights for future travel to Antarctica and Australia. She has been to New Zealand, and jokingly says that she “feels like that should count” towards her goal to visit all seven continents.” Erin also enjoys any form of live music “from the symphony, to country, to Billy Joel.” She has traveled all over the country with friends to see some of her favorite musicians.

Here’s an interesting insight into Erin, in her own words:

Erin remembers being:

happy   when she “finished a clinical shift and really felt like you made a difference in someone’s day.”
proud   when she “finished graduate school and pursued a career I am passionate about.”
sad   when she had to “learn to deal with patients, and families dealing with poor prognosis and loss.”
grateful   when “working with patients in the ICU. I always felt grateful for my health, and the ability to live my life without the physical and mental limitations that come with disease.”

Happy Nurses Month, Erin!  Your adventurous spirit and amazing accomplishments are an inspiration to all of us at HTS.

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