Lynn is the dynamic Director of Transition Planning at HTS. She has over 20 years of healthcare experience, including seven years at HTS. If the team is asked how best to describe Lynn, it would be that she is a lifelong learner, a great teacher, and an amazing motivator. She explains with clarity and provides guidance through the process, while encouraging each team member to recognize his/her capabilities and individuality. We are fortunate that her childhood ambition of becoming an otter was unrealized, otherwise, we would not be benefiting from her expertise.

As much as she loves teaching, Lynn is passionate about learning. She earned both her Bachelor’s in Nursing and Master’s in Nursing with a Specialization in Healthcare Education from the University of Phoenix. She is currently a doctoral candidate in Organizational Management of Information Systems and Information Technology. Lynn expects to graduate by the end of 2016.

Lynn’s career in healthcare began at LAC+USC Medical Center where she worked as a Pediatric nurse, and at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles as a Bone Marrow Transplant RN. Honing her teaching skills at Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital as a Clinical Nurse Educator and RN, Lynn bolstered it as an adjunct faculty at Mount San Antonio College and Azusa Pacific University.

Having exceeded her professional goals, Lynn is now appropriating time for her other passion –advocacy for improved patient care through research and identification of gaps in technology and nursing.

Here’s an interesting insight into Lynn, in her own words:

Lynn is:

happy because “I have a wonderfully supportive family who I can rely on in tough times and in good times. I am happy every time I think about that – which is often.”
proud that “my kids appreciate their health, are lifelong learners, and help others. They love their family and prioritize family time. I am proud of them for a million other reasons too, but I love to see them appreciating the gifts God gave them and using them to the best of their abilities.”
sad that “there are some deaths I just will never get over. Every time I saw the look in the eyes of the parents (who lost their children), it absolutely crushed my heart.”
hilariously silly when “my sister, and life mentor, Kelly and I were in Victoria, Canada and had ridiculous fun! I remember us laughing uncontrollably for most of the day until our faces hurt. I still crack up when I think about how silly that day was.”
grateful for “having healthy kids and lots of healthy family members who tend to live a long time!”

Happy Nurses Month, Lynn! Your positive attitude and continuous encouragement make us a better team!

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