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Kelly Guzman, HTS Transition Planning’s tireless leader has been at the helm since 2006, and the company is all the better for it! With a mindset that adapts to change, Kelly anticipates challenges and prepares for whatever comes her way. With a heart that inspires, motivates, and recognizes the efforts of her team, anyway you look at it, Kelly is a priceless leader!

For 29 years, Kelly has worked in various capacities in the healthcare field. From bedside nursing in Pediatrics and PICU, to the unceasing action of the ED, Kelly moved on to Human Resources Administration and goes full circle at HTS as its Transition Planning Director. Like the Energizer bunny, she just “keeps going and going”, long after everybody has called it a day. If her work ethic projects on her outlook on life, then it must be that she lives her life with a passion. While working and traveling on a weekly basis, she also enjoys family get-togethers, gardening, the opera, or cheering on her LA Kings. It is not uncommon for her to schedule retreats and learning sessions, or pass along a good book that she’s read. Kelly is also “notorious” for her thoughtfulness. She never fails to acknowledge a job well done, or extend support when a team member needs it. Kelly returns from her travels, bearing gifts, or leaves a card and a simple token on your desk, just because…

For National Nurses Week, HTS would like to provide an insight into Kelly, in a completely different rendition, that is, through the perspective of the movie, Inside Out. This is an animated film with the emotions of a little girl coming to life, similar to how nurses experience a range of emotions in their pursuit of a nursing career.

Kelly felt:

happy when “I graduated from the ADN (Associate in Nursing Degree) program.  It was such a new world for me!”
proud when “I was accepted at UCLA (for the Master’s program).”
sad during “my first full weekend night shift. I was 22 years old, and it was quite depressing to work 3 12-hour shifts (Friday – Sunday), and miss out on life.”
hilariously silly having “debrief meetings at Manny’s El Tepayac or Ciro’s after a crazy shift in the ER.”

Kelly is:

grateful “Every day I’m not a patient!”


Happy Nurses Week, Kelly! Your team at HTS adores you!

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