The ACE (Architecture, Capital Equipment and Engineering) Summit & Reverse Expo concluded its 2016 annual conference on February 1-3, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta. The HTS team of Bill Clemenson, President and Founder, with Janet Dalton, HTS Executive Director of Operations; Roslyn Francois, Transition Planning Project Manager; and Dave Hammons, FreightTrain Operations Manager joined other healthcare executives at the Summit.

Unlike a traditional expo, ACE is a reverse expo concept. ACE features two sessions where healthcare suppliers, vendors, capital equipment planners, architects, engineers, and other parties host senior hospital, health system and GPO executives. Then the tables are turned, and the senior hospital, health system and GPO executives host the healthcare suppliers, vendors, capital equipment planners, architects, engineers, and other parties in an effective and efficient manner. Hospital and health system executives source new vendors from the hundreds of companies attending the ACE Summit. Additionally, ACE serves as a forum for senior hospital and health system executives to network with, and engage their peers on issues that challenge today’s healthcare systems. Janet adds, “The ACE Conference was a great experience for HTS.  Our two presentations (on Transition Planning and the FreightTrain FitUp Module) were well-received.  We had good traffic at our booth, and got some strong leads for both services and software.  I feel confident we will generate some sales for 2016 based on this event.

HTS had the opportunity to present two boardroom sessions.  Roslyn, in New Facility Activation, talked about planning a successful building Fit-up and Activation, the two phases covering the timeframe when the hospital receives the keys to the building through Day 1 of operations. Roslyn never fails to engage her audience, this time, with a lively game of Jeopardy!

The second session was a shared presentation by HTS’s FreightTrain Division and Attainia titled, Technology-Assisted Facility Activation – The Complete Cloud-Based Solution for Improving Productivity, Efficiency and Team Collaboration. It showcased, through a live demo and user testimonials, how their integrated software solution cuts building readiness time, and improves efficiency and communication for the project team.

HTS and Attainia recently sealed a working partnership. Attainia is a leading supplier in the healthcare industry of capital equipment management systems. Together, the two companies provide a unique and revolutionary cloud-based solution to manage, and coordinate thousands of pieces of medical equipment, IT components and furniture information in one consolidated database maintained in real time.

ACE booth

The HTS Booth at ACE

ACE booth set up

Bill and Dave hard at work – getting the booth ready for the show.