ACNL picture

The HTS dynamic duo of Kelly Guzman, COO/Executive VP and Erin Clark, Project Manager participated as exhibitors at the recently concluded 38th Annual ACNL 2016 Conference. ACNL, the Association of California Nurse Leaders, held their annual meeting on January 31 – February 3 at the Westin Mission Hills Resort & Spa in Rancho Mirage, CA.  Kelly commented that “ACNL is always such a fun conference. I love seeing so many nurses I’ve worked with over the past 30 years, and how their careers have evolved as they work to further nurses in leadership roles.”

Themed “The Power of Us – A Force for Change”, ACNL 2016 sends the message that nurse leaders are a powerful force – possessing talent, expertise and the determination to succeed. The meeting sought to empower nurses to maximize their leadership potential and drive meaningful change. Renowned presenters led by Dr. Barry Posner, leadership guru and co-author of The Leadership Challenge, provided valuable insights, resources and take-aways to apply in practice setting. Dr. Posner’s presentation brought to mind Florence Nightingale and her continued impacts on nursing and healthcare, and how nurses can carry on her teachings and values through leadership. Nursing challenges were addressed, as well as how the nursing profession is working to meet these challenges through nursing education, emergency management, the voice of nurses, and health policy. The presentation from one of the hospitals that received six of the gunshot victims from the Riverside mass shooting last year was particularly emotional and inspiring. The audience was taken through the nurses’ journey that day, and the days that followed. It demonstrated how nursing and healthcare is a team effort, especially in the face of fear and tragedy.

HTS looks forward to another awesome meeting next year at ACNL 2017!