Sometimes the simple things in life are the most important ones. It’s the same situation for the workplace. Our employees are the ones who help reach the collective goals of the organization. Hence it is very important to keep morale up so everyone can work towards achieving better results.

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Simple and well thought plans make all the difference to lighten up staff morale. Here are the 10 steps that explain how any organization can spend a few minutes and improve their staff morale at the workplace.

1. Welcome ideas, employee morale improves when staff feel they are valued.  Share and implement innovations and ideas.

2. Allow staff to work flexible hours. Employees also have personal commitments.

3. Keep tabs on the levels of morale in your business by regularly measuring employee satisfaction.

4. Hold bake-offs and share morning tea or coffee because mornings are a great time to share ideas. Everybody can bring in some sort of baking confectionary. This can also raise some funds for charities that are widely supported by the employees.

5. A management expert believes that short messages should be delivered in person. Today, we live in an era where 40 percent of emails are not given any value. It means that rather than emailing the person who sits two floors down, just go and talk to him/her directly; it strengthens the relationship.

6. Offer employees a chance to sit with you for a day,  even if you are meeting someone. This will boost the morale to a great extent and a gives staff lots of useful insight too.

7. Offer advice on how to strive harder to make the best of their careers. Reimburse employees for continuing education courses, professional seminars and lectures.

8. Provide an open forum or one-on-one time to allow employees to express their concerns and feelings can be an easy means to boost morale. 9. Maintain a specific budget for entertainment. Arrange a team to decide the fair allocation of the budget for each quarter.

10. Celebrate the birthdays of your employees. It will not cost you to email your wishes. Every employee has a birthday so eventually no one is left out.