Contributed by Melissa Johnston, Communications Support, HTS, inc. and Lynn Aguilera, RN, MSNEd, Director of Transition Planning, HTS, inc. 


The work of project management is a busy world and many of us find ourselves trying to effectively manage competing priorities involving numerous tasks that need to be completed in a timely manner, but not enough time to complete them!  Managing multiple clients makes prioritizing even more difficult because every client is the most important client when their deadlines are approaching.  Below are some tips our senior project managers use to prioritize and complete quality work in a timely manner.

Method #1: Create a checklist of tasks

Checklists are commonplace in complex industries, like healthcare and the airlines, because they are a proven way to ensure all tasks get the attention they need. Adding start and end dates for the day, week, or month is a great way to see which tasks need to be completed first and thus prioritized effectively. Checklists and calendars are a great way for the manager to see everything in one place and prioritize successfully to complete all tasks on time.

Method #2: Use Technology

Many of us carry our phones, tablets, or other “Smart” devices with us as part of our normal routine. Setting reminders or alarms days before tasks are due will remind you when the deadline is closing in and refocus you to reprioritize as needed.

Method #3: Ask for Help

If you find yourself overwhelmed with work and do not think you will be able to complete the assigned tasks, asking your colleagues for help may be your best option. Many of us work on teams and have a support system to help when things get tight. Being in constant communication with your gives you the option to ask for help early if you have too many competing priorities with the same deadlines.

Method #4: Delegate Tasks

Certain tasks require less work and less attention to detail as others. Delegating tasks is the key to efficiency and allows you to take on the more complicated work yourself (given you are qualified and confident in your ability). Delegating work allows you to meet deadlines and get more things done in a shorter period of time all while building strong and trusting relationships with your team.