IMG_0502For staff training to take place in the new space, the construction team must sign-off on the new facility, the hospital team should finalize operational and staffing plans, equipment and systems should be in place, and supplies should be placed in the building. Once these criteria have been met, an organization may choose to utilize simulation-based-testing (SBT) techniques during New Facility Orientation and Training.  SBT allows interdisciplinary teams to work in the building together to test new workflows, equipment, technology, paths of travel, and most importantly, how to care for a patient as a team prior to opening day.

The concept of SBT includes developing interdisciplinary scenarios that can be used to simulate real hospital scenarios that include patient care processes as well as back of the house workflows.   At HTS, we use SBT principles and concepts during the Day in the Life Dress Rehearsal. A typical ‘Dress Rehearsal’ prior to move day include the admission, discharge, and transfers of patients, diagnostic and laboratory tests, preparing and delivering food, medications, supplies, and linens; taking patients to and from the perioperative area, as well as making sure spills are cleaned, linen is delivered, and any system that needs to be fixed is taken care of in real time.  The value of all departments checking systems, equipment, and paths of travel will show on move day when the patients are taken care of safely and seamlessly by a confident team that knows how to work with each other in the new space.

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