– Contributed by Melissa Johnston, Communications Support, HTS, MJohnston@consulthts.com

The HTS Commissioning Team
The HTS Commissioning Team

This blog post marks the first installment of our new segment, Awesome Moments. This Awesome Moments blog is going to highlight the best moments or achievements of the past month from different divisions of HTS, inc. and also provide a glimpse into positive reactions of clients as they see the benefits of hiring HTS for their hospital needs.  This month we will be focusing on our Commissioning Team and highlighting their Awesome Moments and what will be in store for our team in the coming month.

The Commissioning Team’s proudest moments of January:

  • The city of San Leandro signed off the CALGreen for the Hospital Support Building at Kaiser Permanente San Leandro project.
  • Kaiser Permanente South Bay CUP – finished commissioning

The Commissioning Team’s Awesome Moment of January:

  • Started a new project where the lead was generated from our new sales program

What does next month have in store for our Commissioning Team?

  • Kaiser Permanente San Leandro – Finishing up FPT testing
  • Kaiser Antelope Valley – FPTs are being reviewed/approved
  • St. Jude’s Fullerton – FPTs are being performed
  • Kaiser South Bay Hospital – FPTs are being reviewed/approved

This has been this month’s Awesome Moments! Check back next month for more Awesome Moments from the HTS Team!