Recycle BuildingOne very important trend influencing the future of healthcare facility construction and operations is the increasing importance placed on ecologically friendly and energy efficient practices.  HTS prides itself on its innovative and progressive practices, and has embraced this rapidly spreading movement. In alliance with this practice the HTS Commissioning team has committed itself to finding and implementing “greener” solutions for our clients.

One way the team achieves this goal is by hiring LEED Accredited Professionals (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) to perform commissioning on projects committed to achieving LEED certification rating and encourages all their Cx Agents to attain their LEED AP credential. In addition, HTS is presently providing commissioning services on several projects involved in the Green California initiative. This first-hand knowledge of green construction allows HTS to deliver invaluable experience to our present clients and opens up future opportunities. As more and more hospitals adopt these green practices, we look forward to providing future clients with our knowledge base.

In an interview with Tim Schunk, one of HTS’ LEED AP Commissioning Agents, Tim explained that, “Under the LEED system, people attain LEED ‘accreditation’, while buildings attain different levels of LEED ‘certification’ based on points.” Performance of both fundamental and enhanced commissioning can provide one point toward LEED certification. Schunk went on to explain that, “While one point may not sound like a big deal, it may be the difference between achieving LEED certification and not, so you want your commissioning team to be experienced in what it takes to get LEED Certification.” HTS has experience in providing fundamental and enhanced commissioning of the buildings to help our clients receive the LEED credit for commissioning.  Schunk also explained that, “[HTS] provides retro-commissioning, in which experts inspect the building systems and provide recommendations on how to make the systems provide better control and operate more efficiently in order to use less energy.”

“Green” construction is a rapidly growing practice that is quickly becoming the standard. The HTS Commissioning team will continue to stay in front of these fast changing developments to provide expertise to our clients engaged in LEED and Green construction practices.

– Melissa Johnston, Communications Support, HTS, inc.,; Tim Schunk, Project Manager, Commissioning Division, HTS, inc.,