Clinical Staff pose at an HTS Day in the Life Dress Rehearsal
Clinical Staff pose at an HTS Day in the Life Dress Rehearsal

When hospital administrators contract HTS for projects, they rely on the combined knowledge within the company that incorporates the different fields of healthcare, construction, logistics and technology to help ‘bring buildings to life’.  Because HTS, Inc. recognizes the very important fact that working with hospitals is a multidisciplinary activity, it is committed to this vision of combined knowledge as it continues to expand its expertise in these different disciplines.  The positive results of this commitment have raised questions about what the future will bring for this growing company.  InsideHTS has dedicated itself to find the answer to these questions and arranged a sitdown with the COO of HTS inc., Kelly Guzman.

Recently, in response to a growing workload and a stable workforce, the company underwent multiple changes and evolutions, such as adopting a new branding scheme, launching a marketing division and active blog site.  In addition, HTS has also stayed on top of the technology revolution by developing new services that incorporate cutting edge devices and strategies that will allow their services to be more user friendly for their projects and clients.  An example of this technology adoption can be found in the development of the ‘offline’ mode for the FreightTrain mapping software, thus eliminating the problem of losing internet connection while traversing hospitals.  As Kelly describes, “HTS will develop new technology solutions to address client needs. Our services have evolved based on client demands, and we will continue to tailor our services and deliverables based on what we hear from our clients.”

As HTS, Inc. continues to grow and create positive relationships with its clients, its success has begun to spread internationally as hospitals outside of the US look to hire the services that HTS provides.  So far, HTS has recently been awarded a long term contract in Canada. So when InsideHTS asked whether the company will expand beyond the US, Kelly stated that, “HTS will continue to focus on the west coast but also will branch out to other regions that need our services. We have been exploring additional international work and will continue to work in Canada but will also consider other countries”.  This potential for future international growth is very exciting for this emerging company as its potential client base expands exponentially as its reputation begins to spread worldwide.


The HTS Commissioning Team review critical workflows with their client

As HTS is always committed to providing the best services for its clients, it is always looking for new ways to improve as it stays current with technological and hospital administration developments. Between the three different divisions of Transition Planning, FreightTrain and Commissioning, HTS is poised to cater to every need of the clients as it continues to grow and refine itself into the future.


– Melissa Johnston, Project Support, Communications, HTS, Inc.,; Ryan Dickey, Project Support, Communications, HTS, Inc.,