The HTS Commissioning Team
The HTS Commissioning Team

Commissioning experts at HTS, Inc. play a vital role in the completion and success of a hospital project.  Onsite Commissioning team members are vital throughout the entire project from the Design phase all the way to the Post Acceptance phase. Much of the work completed by the Commissioning team requires extensive use of large size drawings to increase the efficiency of onsite visits.

While onsite, Commissioning members work with the entire project team, from the owners to the contractors to the architect as well as the engineers in order to perform a variety of roles with the client through every phase of a project. Each phase brings a different challenge and requires special attention. Phases include:

The Design Phase:

  • Obtain and Review OPR and BOD
  • Design Review
  • Develop and maintain Technical Issues Log
  • Develop and Issue Commissioning Program or Plan
  • Develop Systems to be Commissioned Matrix
  • Develop Master Equipment Matrix
  • Develop Functional Performance Test Matrix

The Construction Phase:

  • Review, approve and compile Pre-Functional Checklist
  • Review and comment on Submittals
  • Perform Field Observation Walk downs
  • Develop Functional Testing Protocols
  • Witness Equipment Startup

 The Acceptance Phase:

  • Review and Accept completed contractor PFCL Checklist
  • Perform Functional Testing
  • Graphical Trend Log Performance Review

 The Post Acceptance Phase:

  • Document systems start-up and warranty dates
  • Review operations and maintenance manuals
  • Document operations staff training
  • Develop Final Commissioning Report
  • Compile Close Out Documentation

Microsoft Office products, iPads, screwdrivers, ladders, tape measures comprise many of the common tools the Commissioning team uses every day, but the most important tool that our team possesses is their brain power and experience they carry from one project to the next.  These tools help the HTS Commissioning team perform their job with quality and consistency helping buildings to start up and stay up.

– Christian Aguilera, Project Support, Transition Planning, HTS, Inc.,