With the dawning of the new age of construction, there are many challenges that can impact the success of your project. The most monumental and yet simplest of these challenges is communication! When dealing with a large project the amount of personnel and coordination can be cumbersome. So how can we communicate clearly to the team what needs to be done? What tools and strategies are there to help support this endeavor?

By utilizing web based forums and databases (such as FreightTrain™) that track all of the key components, any member of the team can easily access and understand what has been discussed and agreed upon at any given point. By using tools such as FeightTrains Visual Fragnet Maps, project members can clearly identify and understand where issues are, or where the next phase of construction will start. This has provided a profound experience that continues to be highly successful on many projects when concerning inspections and scheduling. In addition to FreightTrain, there are other helpful tools that can help strengthen a projects correspondence. By designing a systematic approach that identifies who has control of specific scopes of work, understanding what milestones need to be achieved and their durations, and taking in consideration for unpredictable labor support (i.e. holidays). The project will be better prepared for success.

Get-across-your-pointIn short, the project will strongly benefit and will certainly support a highly successful completion by the scheduled date when implementing a systematic approach, using FreightTrain CM Solutions, and planning for the uncertain. So remember to plan ahead, communicate effectively and be successful!



– Einar Lono – Senior Operator, FreightTrain Division, HTS, Inc., ELono@consulthts.com